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Carefully curated for you.

Here is your chance to try 5 cigars from Dignity Cigars.  It's only found here.  Enjoy 5 cigars and get 1 free!  A true small batch boutique, these Costa Rican Cigars are smoothe and flavorful.  Do not miss your chance to taaste each blend and choose your favorite.. for me.. it's all of them!


Dignity is a brand of high quality premium cigars, clothing and fine accessories. 

Our boutique cigars are tastefully handcrafted in Costa Rica produced in limited quantities.  The tobacco is cultivated in a pesticide-free environment using organic fertilization methods. Our journey begins with very high quality tobacco. 

​We place heavy emphasis on craftsmanship and simply let time do it's work.



a tasty cigar of Costa Rican origin, created by DonJuan, consisting of fine, aged tobaccos, namely wrapper, binder and filler, Pizzeria is a well balanced, unique tasty treat. It is smooth with caramel notes, light spice, coffee and whatever your pallet gets out of it. Call it leather, wood, nutmeg, peperoni, sausage, grilled onions and tomato wrapped in a toasted silky sesame seed capa. 

​We simply call it, PIZZERIA!​


Capa; Secret

Viso: Secret

Seco: Secret

Lijero: Secret



From our Elite Reserva family, Puro Nubia is dedicated to the world of cigar connoisseurs in tribute to truth and the untold history of the world.  A tasty complex jewel of a cigar with sweet notes, coffee, spice, caramel and woody flavors.



Jive Turkey

Jive Turkey Limited Edition

​Secret Blend

Medium to full body



​ Limited Edition



​This blend pays tribute to the beautiful state of California.

To the people of California, I commend you for being who you are. We live in a diverse state and enjoy all that life has to offer. Let's be frank, It ain't cheap! But is there another place you'd rather be?

This one's for the hustle in you! "California Love" by Dignity, 

Dignity Cigars 5+1 Sampler